Xie Jiao, a Concept Manipulated to Attack The Church of Almighty God in HK – Massimo Introvigne

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A Manipulative Concept: Xie Jiao – Massimo Introvigne From November 20 to November 21, 2017, Ta Kung Pao and Wen Wei Po, two mouthpieces of the Chinese Communist Party in Hong Kong, released 17 reports intensively to attack The Church of Almighty God, all in a span of two days. These reports cited the rumors and fallacies the CCP always uses to slander and condemn The Church of Almighty God, among which “cult” is the word of the highest frequency. As to this word the CCP uses to condemn the church, Professor Massimo Introvigne, a sociologist from Italy, the founder and director of the Center for Studies on New Religions, who has attended two international anti-cult academic conferences held by the CCP, will make his remarks in this episode.